Deck Portland


Deck Portland

When you need a Deck Portland, turn to the experts at Dr. Siding. We’ve been providing decks in Portland since 1998. In that time we’ve learned everything there is to know about decking. Our expansive deck services provide citizens with everything they need in one place. From installation of your deck, to deck maintenance or repair, we do it all with precision and skill. When you decide it’s time to build a deck Portland on your property, contact the professionals to have it done right.

Deck Building Portland

When it’s time to accentuate your property with an incredible Deck Portland, you want excellent work done to your specifications. All of our carpenters are skilled at wood working and customization. We can perform a total Deck Portland installation, freeing you up to enjoy the finished deck in Portland and avoid potentially painful injuries and strain. We’re happy to work with you on deck design so that your property gets the perfect addition. A custom deck becomes part of the structure that makes up your home. We can match it in tone and style, even providing you with gorgeous latticework for a refined look.

Deck Refinishing

As much as we love building decks, we know that customers don’t always choose us to build their Deck Portland. Many properties were purchased with a deck already installed, or the property owner was unaware of our reputation for high quality work. As decks age the elements take their toll, this can include things like stain wear, waterproof stripping, and even rotting planks. Our Deck Portland refinishing can have your deck looking like new again. We can replace missing boards with high quality lumber or composite options, refinish your Deck Portland, and stain your wood deck to make it a beautiful place to relax again.

Deck Portland Options

New Deck PortlandOur carpenters are skilled in the installation, repair and maintenance of multiple deck types including:

  • Covered Decks
  • Backyard Decks
  • Patio Decks
  • Wood Decks
  • Composite Decks

Wood Decks

These are a very common option for many homeowners, providing several unique properties. As a decking material, wood is the most affordable. This cuts down on the cost of materials as well as drastically reduce the overall price of a project. There are a large variety of wood and staining options that can give your Decks in Portland a personalized feel. Wood has good longevity as well as being strong. As a renewable resource, wood decking is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic option for your deck project.

Composite Decks

Composite Decks compromise PVC decking and vinyl decking. These are more expensive than wood decking options. Requiring very little maintenance, composite decking materials don’t splinter, warp or rot. Since they aren’t organic, they also don’t require the same staining and sealing that wood options do. Much like their siding cousins, this option also provides you with a very durable and strong deck in Portland. A wide array of colors provides a variety of options for matching with an existing structure.

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