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General Contractor

General Contractor Portland

For a comprehensive general contractor Portland, rely on Dr. Siding. With access to the highest quality materials and guaranteed work, you won’t find a more dedicated General Contractor Portland. Working closely with clients allows us the opportunity to perform exceptional work and educate them in the process. It’s our mission to provide you with the most well constructed buildings, exceptional renovations, and seamless repairs.

We’ll be with you from the very beginning to the last day of cleanup, ensuring the job gets done with accuracy and attention to detail. We also provide wonderful financing options that don’t require major down payments, so you can get the work you want at a rate you can afford.

Why Hire a General Contractor Portland

If you haven’t experienced a major renovation, remodeling, or building project before, you might not know what a General Contractor Portland does. There are many reasons to hire an expert level general contractor Portland like ours. Choosing to forgo a general contractor can hinder a project in many ways, even putting you on the wrong side of the law, because a general contractor provides:General Contractor Portland Oregon

  • General Contracting Expertise – This comes in many forms. To begin with, a general contractor Portland has decades of industry knowledge and experience. This covers every aspect of your project, from a proper order of execution to the best practices that keep a project moving through inclement weather. They have the contacts to provide you with very best workers for the job, be it electrical work, foundation excavation, or roofing. Knowledge regarding Building Codes and construction methods can help ensure that your project isn’t just made to last, it’s made to meet a laundry list of residential or business specification codes. It’s our intent to provide you with the best contracting experience possible, and that means putting all of our knowledge to work.
  • General Contracting Accountability – Insurance and liability costs are one thing that many amateur builders in Portland don’t even consider. If someone gets hurt on the job, who is going to have to pay for it? Well if you don’t hire a general contractor Portland, it’s going to be you. A lack of knowledge regarding specifics may lead an amateur to sub-contract work to less than skilled employees. This raises the likelihood and risk of an on-site accident. If you hire a general contractor Portland and something goes wrong, it falls squarely on the shoulders of the contractor, providing you with peace of mind and a vastly reduced risk of a major financial impact.
  • General Contracting Experience – A Portland based licensed General Contractor from Dr. Siding brings a world of experience with them. All of our general contractor Portland are industry veterans. They’ve acted as remodeling contractors, renovation contractors, new building contractors and everything in-between. Regardless of the scope of your project, we’ve been there before from start to finish. That gives us the ability to keep your construction project moving quickly, running smoothly, and meeting or exceeding every expectation.

For a trusted general contractor in Portland, Call (503) 341-2621 or Contact Us today.

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