Siding Portland


Siding Portland
There are many options when it comes to home and office exteriors, but nothing beats siding Portland if you want the ultimate in choice, durability, and style. As the exterior of a building not only keeps out the elements and improves longevity, the importance of choosing a local company with a history of incredible siding Portland work and satisfied customers can’t be overstated. You want a Siding Portland contractor who can save you time while providing you with the best looking exterior for your money. That’s why so many people turn to Dr. Siding, the go to contractor for all of your siding service needs in Portland.

Reasons to choose Dr. Siding for your Siding Portland needs include:

  • Incredible Warranties
    • 10 Years for Labor Installation
    • 15 Years for Manufacturers Paint Coating
  • Installation exceeds Industry Set Standards
  • Scrupulous Clean Up
  • Our Referral Program Puts Cash in Your Pocket

Why Choose Siding?

Siding Portland OR

With so many choices for your commercial property or home, you may be wondering what makes siding Portland the right option for you.

  • Your choice can improve the energy efficiency of your property. By acting as an extra layer of insulation, the right siding can achieve a more uniform temperature inside the structure. Whether cooling your home in a blistering summer or heating the office during a freezing winter, you’ll find decreased temperature variation and increased savings on your utility bill.
  • It can protect your property against more than just the elements. In addition to the ability to stand up to UV radiation, below freezing temperatures, and other extreme conditions, siding protects your home from termites, rot damage, warps and much more.
  • It’s of the most versatile choices you can make. We’ve got options for any consumer, whether want to turn your house into a home or make your business stand out from the crowd. Aesthetics can make all the difference, and we don’t just make your structure better, we’ll help you make it beautiful as well.

James Hardie – Portland Siding with a Difference

New Siding Portland

Whether you’re getting new siding Portland, or just siding repairs, you want the best product the business has to offer. That’s why Dr. Siding uses James Hardie Siding whenever we can. As one of the brands that industry contractors trust above all others, it comes with a 30 year warranty, ensuring you’re Siding Portland is covered long after we’ve departed. In a variety of styles, their new architectural grade siding features gorgeous artisan lap and trim products. Where their topnotch styling ensures incredible form, their ColorPlus Technology provides excellent functionality. This means every piece of siding receives consistent and multiple coats, creating a gorgeous finish capable of lasting twice as long as other methods. Baked-on coatings offer the longest durability and extreme resistance to moisture and freezing climates.

Siding Options We Offer:

Quality Siding Portland

  • Cedar Siding – For customers who want an incredible rustic finish and a naturally beautiful home or business aesthetic.
  • Crane Board Siding – This insulated vinyl provides a clean finish and vibrant color palette.
  • Cement Board – Offering great fire resistance, this siding comes in a variety of styles and is incredibly resilient to the elements.

We also provide:

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Portland, OR

As one of the greenest cities on earth, Portland, OR is home to some of the most eco-friendly businesses on earth. This includes a robust transportation system designed to get visitors from such local staples as Voodoo Donuts, to the beautiful Rose Garden District. With a the constant mists and rain associated with its Marine West Coast Climate, siding is one of the most important purchasers a home or business owner can make.